Society for Storytelling Gathering

The Gathering this weekend was one of the best ever. In his keynote speech, Ashley Ramsden, of The International School of Storytelling at Emerson College, spoke passionately of the spiritual responsibility of storytellers to the protection of the planet and the communities of every kind which inhabit it.

I feel inspired to join with other storytellers in responding to this challenge.

The Society for Storytelling website is



Soulfulness Group 10 April


Ancient Yew at Dundon

Ancient Yew at Dundon Church

The Soulfulness Group aims to help us to develop spiritually and live more abundant lives. Stories poems chanting sharing, shamanic journeys

I organise a Soulfulness Group in the Thames Valley area, on the second Thursday of each month. We met in February and March, and our next meeting is on Thursday 10 April:

Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Place: Cookham Library, High Road, Cookham Rise SL6 9JF

For more information, please go to

Please, let me know if you are coming, and please forward this to friends who may also be interested.

There is parking at the library and nearby

This is a community group, so I invite donations to cover costs

I look forward to seeing you. David

Lancashire Folk Tales Webpage

_Sybil_and_the_Moon CopyrightOut in June, Lancashire Folk Tales. Find out more and book a signed copy at

Join us, Jennie Bailey and David England, authors and storytellers, and travel with us to every corner of Lancashire, where pesky boggarts, devouring dragons, villainous knights, venomous beasts and even the Devil himself stalk the land.

Please, visit the new Lancashire Folk Tales webpage:

History Myth and Mystery in Berkshire Folk Tales

Edith of Wessex

Edith of Wessex


Tonight, 19 Feb, I am giving a talk to the Eton Wick History Group, Eton Wick Village Hall 7.30pm, History, Myth and Mystery in Berkshire Folk Tales. You are invited to attend.

Soulfulness Contemporary Shamanic Practice

Ancient Yew at Dundon Church

Ancient Yew at Dundon Church

Please, come to the first Soulfulness Group gathering : 13 February 2014, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, Cookham Library.

I have a vision of a Contemporary Shamanic Spirituality in the Thames Valley. I call it ‘Soulfulness‘.

Soulfulness offers a way of relaxing and allowing the imagination to focus upon an issue which we are struggling with. This is an inner journey into the world of the imagination. It is based on an ancient technique practised by the shaman of old, called a ‘shamanic journey’. Please, visit Soulfulness to find out more.

To turn vision into reality, I am forming a Soulfulness Group. I believe there are spiritual benefits in sharing with others, supporting and affirming one another and holding the space for one another’s journeys. Please, visit Soulfulness Group to find out more.

Please, come to the first Soulfulness Group gathering (There is parking nearby):

13 February 2014, 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Cookham Library
High Road, Cookham Rise SL6 9JF

Please, Contact Me to let me know you are coming or to ask me questions.

Winter Newsletter

Please, curl up by the fire to read my winter newsletter and seasonal story.

Slough Writers Poetry Competition

Slough WritersI came third in the Slough Writers Summer Poetry Competition, behind the winner Jenni with her masterly ‘Winter Tales’, full of delicious imagery, and runner up Wally with his ‘Learning Curves’, beautiful poems with lovely flowing rhythms.

My poems were about the ‘Ness of Brodgar’ on Orkney, the neolithic technical centre for building the massive and magnificent Ring of Brodgar stone circle.

Slough Writers group gave me the impetus to start writing poetry.

Mike Pearcy ( is the photographer.

Pictures from Burnham Library by Mike Pearcy

16891_0338 croppedAll the pictures from Burnham Arts Festival Storytelling were taken by that superb professional photographer Mike Pearcy,

Yet More Burnham Library Storytelling

16891_0336 croppedThe audience listening to me as a 12 year old girl called Ethelinda telling her sad tale of King Gaarge killing the Dragon on Dragon Hill.

More Burnham Library Storytelling

16891_0338 croppedHere’s me telling the tale Fight Me or Wed Me. Frances, a young heiress, woos a young man whom she fancies by challenging him to a duel. One more pic follows.